Emma Greenwood is a pedantic Aquarian craftswoman, trained in sculpture, printmaking and custom-made footwear. Emma is passionate about yoga and textiles, and loves argyle knee socks, Star Wars, colour spectrums, cycling, stamp collecting and drinking tea. 

Emma produces highly embellished footwear and accessories, including handmade trainers, meticulously embroidered boots, soft Baby Sneakers, earrings, luggage tags, brooches and belts. Using a variety of materials such as leather, postage stamps, Swarovski crystals, electrical wire, and hand-embroidered trims, Emma’s pieces are highly tactile and precious, referencing a love of colour, humour, symmetry and silhouette. 

Eschewing the need for seasonal trends, Emma revisits signature themes and ideas inspired by flora, regalia, philately, science fiction and hiphop culture. Either bespoke and highly customised, or in small production runs, she lovingly handcrafts her footwear and accessories entirely from her Melbourne studio.

Emma’s work has been featured in Frankie, Inside Out, Vogue Living, The Age, Handmade Magazine, and in publications ‘I Make Stuff’, ‘Meet me at Mike’s’,  and ‘Handmade In Melbourne Volume 2’.

The items for sale as listed are one-offs, or made-to-order, so if your favourite piece is 'Sold Out', don't despair! They can all be remade within a few days or weeks, depending on the item. On the rare occasion that we have run out of a specific leather, trim, or stamps, a substitute can hopefully be arranged.

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